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Dressed To Kill

"Dressed To Kill" T-Shirts are available for sale! Black on white and white on black avaliable for men. Short sleeve and sleevless avaliable for women. Shop 34Dbrand.bigcartel.com and make sure to sign up to 34Dbrand.com.

34Dbrand.com Shoot

Monday July 26th we did a shoot with the lovely Tekeya for the banner of 34Dbrand.com, as you can see. The photos shot by Matthew Daley came out flawless! Take a peak at a few photos.

More photos coming soon!

Nancy Zhang

Lookbook.nu is a favorite site, and upon weekly reviewing of the thousands of fashion extraordinaries Nancy Zhang look book page is the most eye catching to us. She's not only exceptionally well put but and extremely talented illustrator. She has a fantastic blog Sea of Fertility and a gallery Xiaoxi.These are a couple of our favorite wardrobes and illustrations by hers.

Dea's Interview with: PREMIERE

Hey what's up world.. I go by the name "PreMiere" from Brooklyn, New York.

How long have you been doing music?
Well.. i been writing music without recording since i was about 12 years old, started recording at 18, i always had the passion for music but It was long before my mind was set on becoming a recording artist. I had to understand that this was a life making decision and also a long term goal which consisted of commitment and dedication.

What's the first song you made?
Good question... cause i really don't remember lol.. i think it has to be this song titled "Bring It Back" if not that's the closest to the first song i ever recorded which was pretty dope lol.

What's your favorite song?
My favorite song is actually on my next project.. it's titled "Self/Made" i think it's pretty much self explanatory, but the concept was really based of a situation i have recently experience and as the song goes on i bluntly speak on it.

How would you describe your music?
My music is very commericial at the same time realistic.. i like to have to fun while i am creating at the same time stay level headed.

Do you do live performances?
I have done many show's.. having the chance to travel outside my envirnoment to showcase my music to other people in their home town's is a blessing.. and it's even better when the crowd accepts your music and welcome you in as though i feel performing in front of a huge crowd takes a lot and is quite a feeling that a entertainer would never get use to speaking from experience.

Lessons learned down the road?
I learned to remain focus at all times, music is something you can't do when you want to do it or better yet when you have the time to do it, this industry needs your life time support and dedicated if it's something you want as bad as the next artist wants it. As of for my own i always remind myself to stay humble and always have fun with my work. The results are way more satistifying when your having fun. A valuable lesson i learned is to always be true to yourself, before you can allow anyone to accept you for you.

What would be a great musical experience to you?
The greatest experience to me would be having the chance to travel outside my normal environment getting the chance to showcase my talent..

Do you have a favorite artist and quote from them?
I dropped out of school because I wasn't learning fast enough.. I learned from real life better. - Kanye West

What are you working on now?
I am currently working on my project titled "Your All Welcome", be on the look out for my single "GYSO" which will be released sometime in July/August. You will be hearing a lot from me, I hope to keep all my fans and supporters satisfied.

Who do you look forward on working with?
I am simply a fan of GOOD MUSIC!. There's alot of artist out there, but not alot of GOOD MUSIC out there. With that said there's a few artist i would love to work with, there's some i had the chance to and accomplished that, and there's some that i haven't had the chance to.

So where could people find you and tune in to your music?
I wanna encourage everyone to check out my sites to find out more info about up and coming events, show, and dates plus lastest releases it's all worth it.

twitter.com/myworldpremiere // youtube.com/myworldpremiere // myworldpremiere.com

Thank you. - PreMiere

Aleem The Producer

Introducing Aleem, the upcoming producer, songwriter, model and actor. Anyone can contact him by my email (producedbyaleem@gmail.com) and/or the Twitter and MySpace www.twitter.com/producedbyaleem www.myspace.com/producedbyaleem. You can purchase beats at www.producedbyaleem.com.

How' you get into music and how long have you been doing it?
I got into music because I was always interested in making noise lol. Since I was a kid, I would wake up early in the morning in the summer and bang on the bottom of empty trash cans with sticks from a tree. I've always been interested in the beat more than the words of song. I actually start to listen to the words after I've heard the song about 4 or 5 times.

What's the first song you made?
My first beat was made almost two years ago. It was horrible! Lol.

What's your most favorite song or most meaningful?
I can't name a favorite song. There are way too many songs that I like. The most meaningful song to me is "Soundtrack of My Life" by Kid Cudi because I think that song describes me.

Describe your musical style.
My musical style is what you would hear in movies, TV shows, commercials. I've been told that I have a theatrical or cinematic sound. I don't mind it though, I love it.

What motivates you?
What motivates me is the feeling of never being satisfied. I work hard at what I do and I don't get comfortable. The minute you begin to get comfortable with yourself is when your music start to change.

What are some things you learned as you got involved with music or on your own?
I learned that the music industry is 90% business and 10% passion. I feel if you do something for the love of it, then the money will come later, no matter what. One valuable lesson that I learned is never put your trust in what everybody tell you. Some things you have to do and figure out on your own.

Can you tell us of a great musical experience, or worst?
My greatest experience was when I had my city's top artists rap on one my beats. That was a big accomplishment for me. I really haven't a bad experience yet, but I know they are coming. I'm preparing for them.

Do you have a main influence? 
My main influence is the world...nothing more, nothing less.

Who's your Favorite artist? Do you have a favorite quote from them as well?
My favorite artist is Faboulous. One of my favorite quotes that he said was: "We in the club with the black and white skunk bitches...I'm matching head to toe; down to my dunk stitches". He is super ILL!

What is your current project? 
I have a couple projects that I'm working on right now. Mostly alot of my city's top artist right now. My past projects was with my city's top artist...nothing major yet. I don't know what's next, but I know I'm going to keep working hard and see where that leads me.

What are your goals for the year?
My goals for the year are to get a bigger following and to just keep getting better. I also want to learn how to play the violin and piano.

People you look forward to work with or for?
I look forward to working anybody who works hard and who's putting out good music (rappers, singers, songwriters, producers, musicians etc.)...not the same ol' "shoot 'em up, bang bang" type of music either. That era is over with and it's wack.

Do you have a promotional team, or do you do self promotion?
Yes, I do self promotion. I believe in selling yourself with "selling yourself". (if you get what I mean) I probably will continue to do so, I'm going to let my music speak for me.

Why do you do music? 
I do music because I love it and I always told if you do something you love then you'll never have to go to work a day in your life. (if you get what I mean) It means the world to me, without it, I don't know what I'd do.

Were there any obstacles you're going through or over come?
Obstacles are going to come with anything you do in life. I'm going to deal with mine by working hard and working past it. God puts us through tests, but never nothing that we can't handle.

Model: Fibi Love

Fibi Love is a dedicated and ambitious Haitian American model from beautiful Miami Beach, Florida. She began her modeling career 3 years ago when she discovered she had a passion and a gift for creating beautiful photographs. her exotic looks, striking figure and intoxicating energy result in the breathtaking work that is quickly making her a force in the industry. Catch this star on the rise!

Check out her site www.Fibilove.com and find her on www.Myspace.com/fibilove, www.Twitter.com/fibilove, www.Facebook.com/fibil1, www.Modelmayhem.com/lovefibi, www.Youtube.com/Fibilove, http://yourfavoritegirl.ning.com/profile/Fibilove

Reckless Rebels

A while ago Idid an interview with Teenage Trendsettaz, well Teenage Trendsettaz has moved on and become Reckless Rebels. Check out the interview I did with the CEO and Brand Director Wayne Fryer; and when you're done, head over to http://blog.therecklessrebels.com/

So it's Good bye Teenage Trendsettaz? Why?
I wouldn't say goodbye, I would say hello to the start of a brand originated from Teenage Trendsettaz. Going through a lot of trial and error I felt the need to create something more marketable, its all about the longevity.

Why Reckless Rebels?
I named my brand Reckless Rebels because I don't bite my tongue for anything or anybody. Another reason is because I do what I want with no thought of what the next person may think, but in a positive way.

What does Reckless Rebels stand for?
Naturally creative and artistic individuals who have that hustle mentality doing what they want, when they want with no concern of how the world may view them.

What will Reckless Rebels have that Trend Settaz didnt?
Longevity and more larger market. When I had Teenage Trendsettaz, people liked the clothes but the name would get to them. People felt it was for the younger crowd or to youthful.

Who's behind Reckless Rebels?
Nineteen year old Wayne Fryer is the CEO and Brand Director. There's also others that show a great deal of love and help out in major ways, those people you will meet in the near future.

What are your upcoming projects?
Collabs, Events, Shows, and other things under wraps that i cannot speak on as of now.

Whats your goals this year in regards to the new line?
My goals for this year with this new brand is to get into a few boutiques, and just keep promoting the brand to show people that you can do what you want, you don't have to limit yourself to what the public says.

What does Reckless Rebels consist of?
Everything from T-shirts, to custom Cut and Sewn Products.

Who is your selling audience then?
My selling audience is anyone who feels the way I feel about fashion, people who know that fashion is an aesthetic that must be preserved and handled with care.

Besides a good fashion piece, what do you want consumers to walk away with after they walk away with a Reckless Rebels piece?
I want consumers to walk away with that feeling as if i created the piece just for them, i want them to feel more like an individual and not a "consumer".

"Te Amo" Rihanna

I lovev this video! I love Rihanna! Lol I came across this video this morning and had to post this instantly. This song is pretty left, and the video goes way left. Enjoy.

Brains and Beauty: Nekya

Nekya the Model ladies and gentlemen! After coming across for page I had to stop her for an interview. She's from Arlington, Virgina who grew up being involved in a lot such as cheer-leading, soccer, and ballet. She has her two year degree in Criminal Justice and her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, she is now working on her Masters. Beauty, talent, brains, and motivation, talk about your ideal woman.

She's been featured on:
-www.ontherize.com, Nov, Dec, Jan '09
-www.platinumplusonlinemagazine.com, Feb '09
-www.5pointmagazine.com, Jan '10
-DC Magazine South Moon Under feature

She has worked for:
-City Stone Publishing Book Cover “Discombobulated”
-The Black Collection Underwear Campaign Ad
-South Moon Under in store display model/fashion showcase
-The Green Affair Fashion Show
-In Living Color Fashion Show
-Paint Me Pretty Fashion Show

For contact and booking you can email at nekythemodel@gmail.com or head or to nekyathemodel.com
And make sure to follow her on twitter twitter.com/NekyaBadd

How long have you been modeling?
I’ve been modeling a few years now. It started off slow at first but that was because I was just starting out of course.

Why did you get into modeling?
I did a test shoot for a friend back in 2005. She was learning photography and needed a subject. I had so much fun with it I started to think….I believe we all think about things we have wanted to eventually do or try. Then wonder if it is possible. I wanted to pursue something that I always thought about doing whether as a career or just on the side. Time finally allowed me to try it.

What motivated you or gave you the push to pursue modeling?
I saw there were young women like me working hard and still doing what they wanted to do. In life it is about what makes you happy. I was getting told constantly that it was something I should consider so I decided to go ahead and jump.

What was your first shoot?
My first shoot was a fashion shoot set in Georgetown (Washington DC). A local designer wanted models for his line and selected me and another woman. We shot on location.

Were you nervous?
I was very nervous because we were outside for one! I had never done that before. We had to change outside and everything. There would be one or two people that would pass by here and there. Then I wanted to make sure I gave him exactly what he was looking for so my focus was scattered and nerves were just a mess!

The end result was fine at the time but that was years ago and I’ve definitely improved on poses, expressions etc. I can really sell an outfit now.

Is there a theme, concept, or certain outfit that you want to try out in a shoot?
There are so many! As far as themes/concepts I’d love to do something different with lots of necklaces and accessories only. That could be an ad for jewelry or make up even. I also want to try a concept that involves me in a long beautiful couture dress but the location has to be in like woods or near a river, sitting in front of a barn on a haystack even! Something that makes my outfit really stand out!

Do you go to school? If so, what school and what major?
I am taking courses towards my Masters in Education at Strayer University. I have 6 classes left until I finish!

Do you have any other hobbies, interests, or talents? If so what are they?
I love spending time with my family. I also enjoy food very much so I love to eat out and try new recipes. I also coach the hip hop dance team at the school I work at. Practices are after school and the team performs at the school’s football and basketball games, assemblies, and I like for them to do community events as well. I’ve been coaching for six years now and I love it. I love working with the teenagers (grades 9-12) and I like the fact that I give them something to look forward to. They enjoy it and every year I’ve been pleased.

What are your measurements?

What do you feel comfortable wearing? Dress up or Dress down?
I love jeans and tanks! I slip on jeans and depending on my mood I can do cute flats or flashy heels. I prefer heels of course. That outfit is cute dressed up or down…simple and comfortable as well.

Do you act as well? If not would you consider getting into it?
I don’t act but I’ve thought about it. Contrary to what some may believe, modeling actually is acting in itself. When the photographer instructs you to give him a certain look, you immediately have to be able to give him that!

Who would you like to work for? With?
I’d love to print/ad work for maybe at least 1 high fashion designer and then I’m so content with modeling for companies like Guess, Nordstrom, etc. I did model for South Moon Under a few times and it was a wonderful experience.

"Find Your Love" - Drake

So Drake releases a new video for his single "Find Your Love" and it's cool and all but I think it could've done without the studio scenes, it's played out now, and the ending sucks. Watch and tell me what you think.

Drake - Find Your Love from October's Very Own on Vimeo.

34D Featured on Sugar & Retail

I was so happy to see this today. 34D featured in Sugar & Retail blog. Alexis (owner of the site) had hit me up for a brief interview on the line, and I'm oh so grateful that she chose to do this feature. Click the image to read more.

Kat Stack's Roomate Responds

This is funny.

"Already Taken" Trey Songz

I recently heard this song off a post someone put up on Tumblr. Its rare I like Trey Songz songs, but I really like this one.

Little Girls Dance To "Single Ladies"

Oh wow...

Random Pics of the Week

In Best buy messing around with the macbook and ipad.

I was running late for work and had to do a double take, it's Breezy of @cocoandbreezy

Dea Pierre interview with Great Scott

I did this interview ages ago, luckily he didn't cut off my head for taking so long lol. But I got to do an interview with Great Scott and I'm so thankful for it, he's such an insightful and inspirational person. This is the longest interview I've done by far, but it's such a good one, I got like 1500 new quotes thanks to this guy, almost everything he states has to end with a quote or just something re memorable. I don't know why but this  Q&A has been stuck in my head for a minute:

Dea: What's your favorite color?
Scott: I like five favorite colors, black, white, red, purple, and Louis Vuitton brown.

I did this interview to bring light to people who don't know him, but in the process I learned A LOT as an individual breaking into the fashion world/industry. I know anyone out there into fashion as well will find his words helpful. He's a character. Enjoy my interview with Great Scott and make sure you check out theliasongroup.com!

Sidebar: don't judge me on the camera angle, this was my first outside interview, plus this guy is super tall lol.

Beyonce Updates!

Always a high-profile event each and every year, Beyonce Knowles was among the stars attending stylist Harry Josh’s 9th Annual Spring Fling Party in New York City on Saturday night held at the Hiro Ballroom at The Maritime Hotel. Peep "Brooklyn" on her hand.

A special sneak peek of Beyoncé’s new music video, “Why Don’t You Love Me.” World premiere coming very soon…

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Sneak Peek from Beyonce on Vimeo.